If you have a misbehavin’ dog then Pawsitive Harmony can help!

Den is a fully qualified, experienced and fully insured dog trainer and behaviourist.  Den is also the author of the ‘Decode Your Dog‘ book (paperback, eBook and on Audible) and is also the creator of the ‘Kintala principles’ of dog engagement, the ‘PERFECT’ method of dog training and the ‘5 Cs’ of optimum dog communication.

Den is also retained by Kintala Canine as the sole provider of canine behavioural consultations and advice.

In keeping with Pets Professional Guild (PPG) standards, Den aims to work in partnership with you and your dog using modern (force-free) science based training methods.  Den always places the happiness and welfare of the dog at the heart of everything he does.

For Den, a happy dog leads to a happy home and strengthened bonds between dog and guardian(s).

Den does not use, nor advocates, correction sprays, shock collars and the like.  Good communication and understanding will always be better, and more fruitful, for both dog and owner.

Pawsitive Harmony covers Clydebank, Glasgow and surrounding areas and can help you with: –

BASIC OBEDIENCE (1-1 Training) Covering the following:  ‘Sit’, ‘Sit/Stay’, ‘Lie Down’, ‘Walk on Lead’, ‘Recall’, ‘Look at me’, ‘Meet and Greet’ and ‘Emergency stop’.
 Den also specialises in behavioural issues such asJumping up; Separation Anxiety; Phobias, OCD, Fixations & Anxiety; Home Defecation/Destruction; Bite Inhibition; Super Recall; Lead Pulling; Dog Aggression (dog to dog and dog to human (including fear based aggression)) amongst many other issues.
Michelle, who often assists Den, is an experienced dog trainer who is also qualified in First Aid for Dogs and Holistic Health for Dogs (British College of Canine Studies).

For more information and prices please complete the form (link below) and we will get back to you to discuss the options available.

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